Backyard Chicken Coops Notes

November 2016’s meeting about Backyard Chicken Coops was a big hit. We started by watching a video from Justin Rhodes on different coop designs and then looked at Nick’s coop. Many people requested we post links to resources that were mentioned, so here they are! Kingston Backyard Hens Regulations The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

Backyard Chicken Coops!

This month’s meeting’s focus will be about backyard chicken coops. We will look at a  small backyard coop and discuss different features that are essential.  Nick will talk about what worked for him and what he may have done differently if he were to build a coop again.  There will be lots of time to share ideas… Continue reading Backyard Chicken Coops!

Let’s make Sauerkraut!

Fall is upon us and what better time than now to do some food preservation!  Join us Wednesday October 26th experimenting with making sauerkraut.  We are not pros ( but we have dabbled in making sauerkraut here and there), so if you have some experience, tips, techniques or recipes, please come and share with us. We will… Continue reading Let’s make Sauerkraut!

No-Till Garden Tour!

No-till Garden Tour After the dry summer that is coming to an end, it is time to start thinking of strategies to garden while using less water for next year.  No-till is a strategy that helps building organic matter to hold the water in the soil and to prevent evaporation. Even though gardens are not at their… Continue reading No-Till Garden Tour!

Backyard Design Strategies:

Backyard Design Strategies In July, we will apply permaculture design strategies to an urban backyard. We will do a zone and sector analysis and use the information we gather to position some elements such as a chicken coop, a greenhouse or plants. When: July 27th Time: 6:30 pm Where: 215 Phillps St, Kingston Cost: Free